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Protecting inventors and their ideas
An inventor has the right to reap the rewards resulting from a new idea. If you have created an invention or improvement, registering your patent provides you with vital protections to exclusive use and benefits derived from your design. Passé Intellectual Property, LLC has significant experience helping inventors file patents and defends their patent rights against infringement.

Preserving all types of patents
A patent is granted by the U.S. Patent Office for a specific time period during which you retain exclusive rights to your invention. Patents are grouped into three different classifications depending upon their form. Our attorneys have the knowledge to help you with:

  • Utility patents – for machines, chemical formulas, compounds and manufactured goods
  • Design patents – for original, ornamental designs for manufactured products
  • Plant patents – for new varieties of plants
  • Conducting patent research

To qualify for patent protection, your invention or improvement must be:

  • Novel – not previously known
  • Unobvious – not a form that an expert in the field could identify
  • Useful – capable of performing a function

Our attorneys meticulously review your invention with an eye for your eligibility based upon the three primary factors. We then conduct a thorough patents search to determine whether a similar design has already been registered.

Registering your patent pending
If your design appears to be unique, our attorneys walk you through the complex process of preparing your application, including creating essential drawings and descriptions. While waiting for the issuance of your patent, your invention is marked patent pending, thereby affording you substantial protections.

Defending your rights
If another person or company attempts to infringe upon your patent rights, we pursue all available legal remedies. Our attorneys first demand that the infringer cease and desist unauthorized actions. We then vehemently pursue damages.

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